My name is Tee. I was nicknamed as such by the little boy who lives next door, and it stuck.

I married my husband, Jack in 1988. He caught my attention because he was outgoing, confident and talkative. I was not, but he seemed to like me anyway. Jack’s a handy guy. He can fix or build anything, or figure out who he knows who might help him learn to do it. We’ve lived in the same house since the first year we were married, in a suburb in the Minneapolis area with just enough city and just enough country to suit us. Ours is a close-knit neighborhood and we’re always hanging over the fence, or standing out in the driveway catching up with someone. We’re pretty content here.

Jaeger, our oldest son was born in 1989. He’s been a lover of nature and the outdoors since he was old enough to play in the grass out in our yard. I was so proud of him when he ventured off to college in a neighboring state. I wanted him to have that whole leave-home-and-discover-yourself experience. Jaeger definitely discovered himself and the joy of independence. He did well and was happy there, graduated… and then was offered a job and stayed. I miss him desperately sometimes, but he’s really just a few hours away and still close enough that we can drive to and from several times a year. When he’s not hunting or fishing!

Ryker came along in 1991. From day one, he set out to prove that he was not going to march to the beat of the same drum as his older brother. Ryker was always adventurous, digging up worms in the back yard, drawing with pencil on the walls and doors when no one was looking, riding his bike through the neighborhood streets at top speed, or outrunning every other kid on the soccer field. Today, he has a good job that lets him work with his hands, and which comes with lots of driving. This is a good thing. Ryker has always appreciated vehicles and loves to drive. He lives at home, but between work and his social life, I hardly see him. I miss him desperately sometimes. Except when he takes entire packages of the cookies I bought and I find the empties lying next to his bed.

Chesney, our baby girl completed our family in 1993. She was a tomboy in her younger years, always wanting to keep up with those older brothers. When she was five years old, I asked her if she wanted to sign up for gymnastics classes. She immediately wrinkled her nose and reprimanded me. NO! I want to play SOCCER! And so she did, as well as basketball, volleyball and softball throughout all of her school years. Chesney has always had an awesome sense of self-confidence and a great sense of humor. I often wonder how she turned out so great. She’s everything I never was but always wanted to be. She has always loved school, and I always say that if it didn’t cost so much money, she’d happily stay in college forever. Lucky for me, she’s almost finished. I miss her desperately sometimes, but soon she’ll be graduating and moving back home for a little while before taking off on her own.

I kind of like my family, as you can guess.

And then there’s me.  I’m an early member of the early Generation X crowd. I’m all about friends and family, though I’ve had my share of extended family drama. (Haven’t we all?) I like to cook and bake. I like my house to be tidy and clean, but that doesn’t mean it always is. I love to read, and prefer movies with happy endings. I LOVE my dog, Lucy. Sometimes I tell her that I like her better than I like people. If my husband didn’t keep me in check, I’d probably be that crazy dog-lady who fosters dogs in need of good homes, and then keeps them all for herself. I work out semi-regularly and bowl on two leagues. I work in a pretty typical corporate office and most days, I love my job and the people with whom I work. And I write!

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