Too Cold to Go Outside

I haven’t been getting outside to walk for the past week or so. It’s too cold! I was really sticking with it too, well past the point in the winter that I normally do. Usually I’ve given up long before now. But if I can say anything good about a pandemic and working from home and rarely going anywhere, it’s that it has motivated me to go outside, see something besides the walls of my own house, and breathe fresh air. But the past couple of weeks with their sub-zero temperatures broke me. I’m pretty hardy, but I draw the line when the temperatures are cold enough to pose the risk of frostbite on skin exposed longer than five minutes.

It was eighteen below this particular morning.
An enjoyable view from inside the house

I miss my walks. I miss my friend and neighbor who walks with me. It always refreshes my spirit to get out of the house and talk with someone who doesn’t live with me. When the temperatures started falling, I told myself that if I couldn’t go outside, I’d still step away from my desk for a while each day and read a book, eat some lunch, watch an episode of something, or even do some laundry. But I never do. Without even giving it much thought, I just keep working. Oh, well. I’ve accomplished a lot at work and that in itself is fulfilling. It’s probably not a great long-term plan though.

This weekend promises a slight warm-up, thankfully, and next week looks good for getting outside again. I can’t wait!

Other benefits of these long, slow, quiet days? I’ve managed to stick with my goal to plan meals, cook, and eat better. I’ll dare to say that I’m well on my way to creating a solid habit of planning and shopping so that I have ingredients on hand to cook some things we’ll enjoy and feel good about eating. I’m only slightly worried I might start slacking off when spring and summer roll around.

I’m doing a ton of reading and really enjoying it.

I’ve not really worked much on crocheting. I got very excited about it at first and then I just fizzled. I’ve been too wrapped up in my books, I think. I’m not worried though. The yarn and hooks aren’t going anywhere. And obviously, neither am I!

7 thoughts on “Too Cold to Go Outside

  1. Brr, that’s COLD! We’ve had some of it, too, and it’s made for a beastly February. I wouldn’t mind as much if the sun would stay out, but gray cold days are the worst. I don’t know what I’d do without my treadmill! At least I can get some exercise, even if I can’t go outside!

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    • I hear you, Debbie. The gray days really drag me down. I always feel better when the sun is shining, even if the air is really cold.

      I don’t have a treadmill, but I have a membership to BeachBody, so I do my at-home workouts most mornings before I really start my day. Exercise is a huge factor for me in trying to keep a positive frame of mind.

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  2. Since COVID, my main exercise has been walking outside, and I really missed it during that cold snap. We got to get out today, and I can’t believe how much better I feel. It’s like I got an attitude adjustment! Lila will not be as agitated and annoying either, thank goodness!

    I’m in between books right now, and I feel like I have to get reading. Reading also helps my mood!

    Good luck with the crocheting. It seems like I have to be in a certain mood before I like to tackle any type of needlework. Once the mood hits, though, it’s all good.

    Enjoy your weekend.

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    • Hi Mary Ann! I meant to get outside yesterday, but my workday was crazy and I never did make it. I have plans to get out today for a nice long walk with a friend.

      I’ve been enjoying books of my own choosing, but my team at work also does a monthly “book club” so I have to read that one next. Those are always educational or offer interesting perspectives, but I’d rather just get lost in a book that really calls to me.

      Thanks for the tip on crocheting. I really would love to learn to do it well.


  3. Eighteen below!! And I thought it was cold here at zero!
    I hope you’re out of the chill by now. I know I “need” to get out of the house after very long, but you can only bundle up so much and still be able to move!

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    • It’s not uncommon for MN to have a short stretch of extreme cold like this. Thankfully, the weather did break today and it’s now +27 degrees with predictions of upper 30s over the next few days. YAY!

      You’re right. You can have all the cold weather gear in the world but sometimes the cold is just too much to enjoy being out there. I’m glad the deep freeze has passed!


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