I’m Hooked

We’re in the midst of a deep-freeze. This isn’t exactly abnormal for Minnesota. We spend a small stretch of time most every winter in the below zero to single digit temperatures. But with the added limitation on outside-the-house activities thanks to COVID, I was desperate to find something creative and new to do with my time.

I’m not sure what possessed me. Maybe it was my pending grandmother-hood. Oh, the idea of making baby blankets, baby booties, and baby hats! And how about those beautiful afghans made out of colorful squares! Dish cloths, coffee sleeves … the possibilities are endless! Whatever the draw, I’ve had an urge lately to learn how to crochet. When I was young, my grandma tried to teach me, as did a sweet aunt. My female relatives were extremely talented with all crafts requiring needles, hooks, yarn and fabrics. Growing up, my siblings and I had an endless supply of colorful winter hats, scarves, and mittens, all lovingly created by our grandma. Unfortunately, any efforts to pass those gifts on to me mostly failed. I’ve always had a small degree of creative skill, but I never managed to advance in the art of crocheting beyond making a single chain. And even that has long since been forgotten.

I’m going to give the yarn and hook another try though. Apparently you can learn any number of skills on YouTube, including how to crochet. I watched a beginner episode to determine what supplies I’d need to get started. Last weekend I picked up a set of crochet hooks and a couple of basic yarns. Yarn balls? Yarn spools? No, wait … skeins! They’re skeins, right? See? There’s hope for me. I’m learning the lingo.

And look! I’m still making single chains! Actually, I did manage to add another row at one point, but I unraveled it and decided to continue making chains until the loops are more consistent and even. Once I really get that down, (assuming I’ll get that down,) I’ll try moving on to bigger things.

2 thoughts on “I’m Hooked

  1. Crochet is a great new skill to learn, especially during a long, cold winter! I imagine it’s ideal for keeping your brain engaged and your hands limber, too. My grandma crocheted a lot and tried to teach me, but it wasn’t until my college roommate re-explained it to me that it finally clicked. I’ve forgotten most of it by now, but maybe one day I’ll pick it up again. Good for you, Tee!!!

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  2. Looks like this one somehow got posted twice. Anyway, good luck and know that if I can do it, anyone can!

    There is some family history for me around this craft, too, along with knitting. Since I’m living in my mom’s house now I have been cleaning out all the spaces I can get to where she might have stored stuff. This includes a sewing box where I found a treasure trove of a lot of knitting and crocheting paraphernalia along with some works in progress. I let Mom keep one of these last that she sort of recalled when she saw it. She said she wanted to finish it, but I know and I think she knows as well that will never happen. Her vision is now so limited and her mind so porous that there would be no way for her to concentrate on it.

    On the up side, though, I now have a full set of crochet hooks and then some. Maybe when this house becomes mine, I’ll pick up those skills again.

    Boy I sure wish I could stitch like some I’ve seen, who don’t even have to look at the work in their hands. I bet with enough time and patience you’ll reach that level in no time with the end result being a complete winter wardrobe for your grandbaby!


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