SO Damn Happy for Spring!

This past winter was a beast! It took a while to arrive, but when it got here, it came with a vengeance. When the snow and cold decided to show up, they hit hard, and just kept coming.

My mom used to share with me that the winter days were so hard for her, so depressing. I always wondered why she couldn’t just shift her focus to a brighter place and rise above it. That’s an easy thing to think when you’ve never experienced how persistent those dark emotional clouds can be.

Like so many others who live in this part of the country, I’ve often felt the winter blues to some degree. But this past winter, they were intense! I felt like I was just trudging through endless dreary, frigid days with little enthusiasm for anything. And I hadn’t realized how much harder it was hitting me until the season finally began to break.

Now I’m seeing the sun again before I leave for work in the morning, and it’s still shining when I drive home at the end of the day.  The air is slowly warming and the mountains of snow are beginning to melt away. I feel like I can breathe again. And I’m definitely a candidate for snowbird status at some point in my life.

IMG_7697That’s not to say it was an entirely awful and wasted winter. We started a new home improvement effort in which the remaining carpet in the upper level was ripped out. (YAY!) It has been replaced with wood flooring, which I have to say, thanks to my hubby, sons, and a small crew of talented friends, turned out beautifully.

Since adding living space to the back of the house a couple of years ago, we no longer really need the small living room in front. So we’re planning to convert that space to a dining room. I’m not in a hurry,  but I’m keeping my eye out for a dining table that will seat at least ten. Yes, I have plans to host more family gatherings! After we move our smaller, round table out of the dining area that adjoins the kitchen, we’ll replace it with an island that will have more kitchen storage space and an overhang so that we can have some casual seating there.

We had some fun too, in spite of the cold winter days. There was bowling (and both my women’s and couples’ teams are contending for first place!) We enjoyed a weekend up north with friends at their beautiful “cabin.” (The quotes are necessary because in spite of the fact that our friends called it a cabin, it could hardly be labeled a cabin. It was a gorgeous lake home!) The weekend was way too cold for any outdoor activities, but we enjoyed food, games and camaraderie.

We saw 38 Special in concert a couple of weekends ago… which was actually Jack’s Christmas present. It was a great show, and they’ve still got it!  And, not to mention, we had some good cuddle time with Lucy. She’s way more cuddly during the winter when she’s shivering as much as we are.  


Oh, and did I mention a little trip we took to Mexico? I wanted to just stay there forever …


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So the winter wasn’t an entire waste, but I, for one, am not sad to see it go! Goodbye, winter. Thanks for stopping by, but good riddance!

3 thoughts on “SO Damn Happy for Spring!

  1. In spite of the lousy winter, you kept yourself together with diversions indeed!

    It’s great to see change in your home come to fruition!


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