Deepening Our Roots

I feel guilty for not having written in so long! Of all the things I like to do in my spare time, writing is the one thing to which I used to be truly dedicated. It’s been hard to find the time these past few months as we’ve been putting an addition on our house.

The addition will be our new living room. Along with it, came a new deck to the back yard and a million other little things. We’ve spent the last four months talking windows, siding, decking, lighting, and discussing what we want in a gas fireplace. The house is in a constant state of chaos.

It’s amazing how one fairly significant home improvement project turns into a domino effect of smaller projects. We had a knock-down ceiling done in the addition. And then decided to replace all of the popcorn ceilings in the main level with new knock-down ceilings. What a mess! But the ceilings look GOOD! The drawback? It’s nearly impossible to spray a new ceiling and stay perfectly within the borders. If we had leftover paint in the color of every room, we could touch up the top edges of the walls, but we don’t. Well, a fresh coat of paint will be nice. We’ll get to that … eventually.

And as long as we had to put windows in the new addition, why not replace all of the windows in the house? Okay, to be honest, we’ve had BAD windows for years and we had planned all along to replace them when we started this addition. But installing new windows meant removing all of the trim work, staining the new windows, (which hasn’t been done yet,) and replacing all of the trim work, (which also hasn’t been done yet.) We pulled off the old window blinds which consisted of varying levels of quality, depending on our finances at the time they were purchased. Most have been thrown away. I bought cheap, room-darkening curtains for the bedrooms and hung them on tension rods until the staining and trim work is done. They do the trick until I can figure out what we want for permanent window treatments.

This weekend, the hardwood floor was installed. Now to find an area rug. And some furniture. I have visions of a cozy, sectional sofa!

While all this house stuff goes on, the yard stuff falls to the back burner. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve talked about the list of chores we need to address next spring. There’s a tree that needs to come down, gardens that need attention, and landscaping that will have to be replaced in the aftermath of the construction. Also, it bothers me that the shed is not the color of the new siding. Jack says he’s not spending the money to put new siding on a shed. I’ll get over it.

Really though, I’m not complaining. In the back of my mind, I always wondered if Jack and I would stay in this house for the long haul. (There was never any doubt in his mind, but I have always wanted better living space.) With this addition, the house will be everything I ever hoped it would be. My kids and their significant others … and maybe someday, some grandchildren … can come visit and we’ll have a great space to relax together, or celebrate holidays.

It’s been a productive few months. We have gone from this …


… to this.


Every day with this project is an adventure, and I always have something new to look forward to… even if that means trying to make dinner in a dusty kitchen. The dust is never-ending!

Jack hired a crew of guys to help him build this addition. (He knows “a guy” for every type of project – electrical, sheet rock, you name it.) They all have day jobs, and are doing this outside of their normal work hours. The upside is that we’re saving so much money over hiring a contractor to do the work for us. The downside is that many days, the workers are here working over the dinner hour. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to relax in the quiet of my own home, but those days will be back soon enough. And since the guys are spending all this time away from their own families, what I lack in manual labor skills, I make up for in cooking for a hungry crew who is always grateful for a hot meal. They have worked so hard and everything is turning out just beautifully!

There is a certain satisfaction in this process, slow as it may seem at times. It will all be so worth it in the end.


8 thoughts on “Deepening Our Roots

  1. Terri, that is so totally awesome! Making homes into the spaces that fill our needs is a great thing in my opinion (said the person with the heavy ‘home improvement addiction’). But really we spend so much time in homes. Shouldn’t they be places that totally nurture our spirit. And good that you are doing something for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s a good way to describe it… making our homes more nurturing. I guess I’m always striving for that in one way or another, even if it’s just the simple arrangement of furniture, paint colors, or pictures on the walls. This is a big endeavor, though. And I feel very fortunate to have the means to make it happen!


  2. Renovating is a very big job and upheaval!! We bought this house then renovated it, living in the old house, but being back & forth constantly (more Hubbs than me)
    Totally time-consuming, exciting and draining – all in one! The addition looks beautiful and cozy – you will enjoy having this extra space especially over the Holidays!! Glad to hear from you again 🙂 MJ


    • Hi MJ! I’ve missed being here.. and visiting others’ writings. I hope to get back to this more often.

      I know you know how it all feels. It’s an ongoing effort. It’s fun though, and rewarding!


  3. Glad to see you back here, Tee! And what an exciting — if challenging! — time, renovating. I know how things snowball. First you get a new chair, then the sofa looks shabby. You update the sofa, and the flooring looks awful. And so it goes! Just dial up your patience and know that one day, it’s going to look fabulous!!


  4. So good to see you again! You certainly have a good excuse for being absent. 🙂
    Renovations are SO much work, but so worth it in the end. And like you said, rewarding, as you start to see things come together. Your addition looks absolutely beautiful! Nice to see you doing something for yourself.


  5. Wow, the place looks great! How nice that Jack knows all these “guys”!
    It’s a lot of work, I know, but it seems like you are all keeping the end goals in mind to push on through. Now I want to renovate!
    And great to “see” you again. I knew/hoped you loved writing too much to stay away!


  6. It is very peculiar that my computer refused to load your blog, but my smartphone can. I’ve tried several times but the netbook still have problems showing wordpress.
    Renovations does make you busy. So many choices, so many things to do, so don’t feel bad staying long from your blog.
    We do understand.
    The house looks amazing.
    Having people constantly around helping you must be wonderful, and yes, part time handimen are way cheaper indeed 😉
    Hope to read more from you soon.

    (????? problem with my netbook still)


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