This long weekend has been good for me. It’s provided me some breathing room, and the realization that I have been neglecting to keep a positive focus. That is something I’ve been purposefully striving for over the past few years. I remember when I first realized that it’s possible to remain hopeful even in the midst of storms.

How easy it is to slip back to old habits. I hadn’t even realized how fretting and worrying had overtaken me lately.

But like I said, maybe a break in routine is all I needed.

Jack and I were able to go to the ball game with our friends Friday night. It had been raining all day, and the rain continued as we drove to the field. If the weather didn’t break, we were just going to find a restaurant downtown and have dinner. But the clouds parted and it ended up being a perfect night for baseball.


St. Paul Saints games are SO much fun! We had great seats, behind home plate with a clear view of the game. We enjoyed silly fan events held on-field between innings. And the “cheerleaders” in the form of a nerd couple who danced on top of the dugouts kept us laughing and cheering the whole time.  The post-game fireworks, choreographed to commercial jingles were the perfect ending to such an enjoyable night.

Saturday morning arrived with more rain, the perfect day to be stuck in the house painting walls. I called Mom before we dove into our project and was relieved to hear she was finally feeling much better.

Jack and I got started and we made a great team. I did all the taping, while he edged along the ceilings and then the baseboard that I had protected with blue masking tape. While he continued with the detail work, I followed behind with the roller. When those first patches of sage and caramel hues hit the walls, I wondered if we’d made the right choice, but by Saturday evening when we were almost done, we were really pleased with the results.


It’s hard to take pictures of walls, so this photo doesn’t do it justice, but there is definitely a new vibe of serenity in the living room.

Yesterday, I had plans to go with my Mom and my siblings to visit my Dad’s grave. While waiting for my brothers to arrive, I received a message from my best friend’s husband that I should call him. My heart sunk. My friend has been battling cancer and it’s not been going in her favor. When I called, her husband told me that he was aware she has not been communicating much with her friends, and basically, while he did not feel anything was immediately imminent, I might want to plan a trip to see her sooner rather than later. My mind reeled. How phenomenally difficult it must be for that poor man to have to make that call and to have that conversation with his wife’s friends. Yet he was calm and detailed. Clearly, he has reached some level of acceptance.

IMG_4229aAs I stood quietly with my family around  my dad’s grave yesterday, I tried to process all of the pain and struggle I see happening all around me, not just in the world in general, but too close to home these days, in the lives of family and friends. So often lately, I think of the world as a dirty, ugly, dark place. It’s so easy to feel lost, and it’s hard to keep moving forward with a hopeful spirit. But at the same time, I realize that I have to, that the whole point is to find the joy in spite of all the chaos that surrounds us. Otherwise, what is the point?

Difficult as it may be at times, even if it feels like I’m just sometimes just going through the motions, I’m moving forward … with prayer, hope and optimism.

8 thoughts on “Calmed

  1. Prayer, hope, and optimism — good sign posts to lead the way into an uncertain future, Tee. So sorry to hear about your friend and I hope her condition improves. Hey, the colors on your walls DO look good! I like the sage — very calming. Glad your mom is feeling better, thanks to the antibiotics. Happy Memorial Day to you and yours!


  2. From what I can tell, your walls look great! Perfect color choices. Was Jack off this weekend?
    Glad you had some time for yourself. Sounds like you were needing a peaceful few days.
    I can’t imagine what your friend and her family are going through. Must be incredibly difficult. Hard not to carry a heavy heart when you know they are going through.
    Hope this upcoming week is a good one for you, and that your new walls bring the serenity you deserve.


  3. Love the colors and yes you need some serenity!

    I’m glad you got out for a while, some laughs and smiles with hubby and friends.

    The news from your friend is sobering, and it’s hard to imagine what life’s like for them right now and even daily.

    I wish you a good week……. here comes June, let’s make it a good one!! ❤ MJ


  4. I’m so glad you got in some fun time and new walls to boot. Also glad to hear that your mom is feeling better. Sorry about our friend’s health, however. How caring of her husband to make such difficult calls.


  5. 🙂 Do the things that you like, distract yourself and be in places that makes you calm / happy.
    I usually do all that at home, or watch a movie once in a while 🙂

    I hope you feel way better now.


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