Best Things

img_4159I was just thinking that the best thing about today was the sunshine. Blazing, almost blinding at times sunshine.

And the brilliant blue sky.

And the sound of chirping birds filling the air as I stepped out of my car upon arriving at work today…

…Taking a break from a challenging day to enjoy a walk around the pond with a coworker/friend. Sun on our skin. A slight breeze and fresh air. Catching up on one another’s weekend doings and forgetting, for fifteen minutes, about the things going wrong back inside the office.

An email from my oldest with a picture attached. Sharing his past weekend’s adventure.

“I think I want to spend more time at the North Shore,” his message said.

I opened the picture and replied, “Wow. Can I come with next time?”

And, “Is that you in the photo?”

“Yup, that’s me,” he replied. “Fighting a fish. Or a rock.”

Spontaneous cooking at home once I’d left work and picked up Mom. I hadn’t thought tonight was going to be one of my nights. Jack is at work for the evening, so … nothing planned for dinner.

“I’ve been thinking about making your goulash,” I said to Mom as she settled in the living room chair waiting for Wheel of Fortune to begin.

“Oh, that sounds good,” she agreed.

“You’ll have to remind me what all goes in there. It’s been forever since I’ve made it.”

Ground beef, onions and garlic cooking in frying pan. Salt and Pepper. And after the meat had browned and was sizzling, stewed tomatoes and some pasta.

“Put a few tablespoons of ketchup in too,” she reminded me.

Mom wanted a slice of buttered bread to accompany her meal. I said that reminded me of dinners at Grandma’s house, where there was always a plate of sliced white bread and plenty of butter with every meal. I pulled some cantaloupe out of the refrigerator and put that on the table too. Not exactly the healthiest of meals, but it was hot, and it tasted good. Then again, food always tastes better when you’ve got someone to enjoy it with.

Just a really good day…


7 thoughts on “Best Things

  1. I love the love you are having with your Mom. My sisters do a lot, since I am so far away, but one of the best memories I have with her recently (she’s since moved into a nursing home) is cooking for her ~ she would sit taller and “direct” – and enjoy every single bite, yes bread & butter, too. I’m sure she is totally enjoying her meals with you, too ❤ MJ


  2. These last few posts have been so heartwarming. You seem like you’re in a great place right now. And I love that you’re getting such quality time with your mom, and that you’re enjoying the simple things in life.
    That picture of your son is just beautiful! Hope you really get to go along sometime. 🙂

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  3. So, did your oldest win the battle with the fish?? Looks like a gorgeous place to get away from it all and take a well-needed break…even if you don’t fish!

    Good for you, Tee — taking such good care of your mom. I know it’s hard, but one day, you’ll be glad you decided to spend so much time with her, doing the things she enjoys, and sharing your presence with her. Better to focus on the positive than the negative, you know!


  4. That DOES sound like a good day! Great pic of (I forgot his blog name!). It’s sweet that he sent it to you. We often have goulash, only I refer to it as clean-out-the-leftovers-and-throw-it-all-together.


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