April Shower… of the Bridal Variety

Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.      Franklin P. Jones

My niece is getting married. To a wonderful guy. It’s cause for happiness! And we could do with a reason to celebrate. There’s been a pall over the past few months since my dad’s passing.

He would have wanted to be here for this. And I know he will be – in spirit. And though his physical absence will tug on our emotions when the big day arrives, I know he would want us to rejoice in this happy occasion. And so we will.

My niece is the oldest of my parents’ eleven grandchildren, so this wedding is a first for our family. This same niece is also one of sixteen grandchildren in my husband’s family, so I’m her aunt by blood and by marriage. If you haven’t read of my odd family dynamics in one of my other blogs over the past ten years, that relationship might sound a bit confusing… My sister used to be married to my husband’s brother, and this niece is their child.

When word of the engagement first came out, and thoughts of wedding showers began to surface, I had the idea I would be involved with others in the throwing of a bridal shower. As it turns out, I was to be the one in charge. My double-aunt status, and the fact that I am my niece’s godmother, designated me as the giver of the bridal shower on behalf of Jack’s family.

It’s been a long time since I’ve given a bridal shower, but with my creative daughter’s help, I wasn’t too worried about pulling it off. Besides, I didn’t even have to host it at my own house. My niece decreed that we should throw the party at her dad and step-mom’s much larger house. That was a relief to me. Jack has a large family. At least I wouldn’t have to worry about where to fit all of the guests in my tiny living room.

I had a few months to plan and prepare for the shower, but other than making vague arrangements with Niece’s stepmom about having the shower at her house, the weeks and months just slipped by without any solid preparations. I found myself the week before the shower, with nothing done except a menu plan and the purchase of plastic plates, napkins and cups in the colors of the wedding.

Good thing I work well under pressure. The shower was on Saturday. I took the day before off work to get ready.

My day of preparation began when I woke up at three a.m. and couldn’t stop thinking about all that was as yet unplanned and unprepared. Long before the sun was up, I was surfing Pinterest in search of ideas for shower themes, decor, games and giveaways. Good thing I was up that early. By the time Chesney arrived home around noon to help, I had decided on a theme and the bulk of the shopping was done. I had centerpieces assembled and a good jump start on the cooking for our bridal brunch the next day.

Somehow, we pulled it off.

We used decorative outdoor solar lanterns and silk flowers to make the centerpieces. We later gave these away as prizes.


And we had a little chalkboard theme going with the decor.




And as a thank-you gift to all of the guests, there was something that might be useful at home. (No one leaves my party with a useless parting gift!)005a

The bride-to-be received many beautiful gifts which Chesney carefully documented for the writing of thank you notes afterwards. (Chesney hates this picture. She thinks her facial expression is goofy. There were some shenanigans happening at the moment and I thought it was cute!)


And we even had a surprise visitor just outside on the deck.


What a turkey!

We did it! The food was good, the guests complimented all of our efforts, and we threw a shower that looked as if we had our act together! Now on to the wedding next month, where I can relax and have fun!


4 thoughts on “April Shower… of the Bridal Variety

  1. Super cool party, Tee! I can’t believe you threw all this together at the last minute — you really DO work well under pressure. Most of us would’ve been pulling out our hair, ha! Love the thank-you gifts and the centerpieces — you’re so creative! Best wishes to your niece on her upcoming marriage!


  2. I didn’t know you were a double aunt and had to read that part about the different grandparents twice. Thanks for explaining!

    And it looks like a great shower! Love the take-homes. Had me thinking of “Bridesmaids” the movie… Without the puppies. Well done Aunt x2!


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