Third Day, an Easter Cactus, and More

Seventy (almost) degrees last Saturday. A dusting of snow on the ground this Saturday morning. In many years past, we’ve still had measurable amounts of white on the ground at this point in the season. I should be grateful that today, the winter layers of snow are all gone. But if I’m honest, last weekend’s weather makes a thirty degree plunge hard to swallow. I’ll get over it. Spring is just around the corner.

I still seem to be struggling with writing here regularly, so in the interest of catching up, I’m going to follow my friend MJ‘s lead, and offer some of what she would call “randoms.”

In music: I went to a concert last Saturday with a friend from work. We saw Third Day, a group that falls into the category of Christian music. If I’m honest (again,) I’ll admit that what first drew me to the group was the lead singer’s voice. Is it wrong to admit that I found his voice to be sexy? Listen and tell me I’m wrong.

But I’ve remained a fan because Third Day’s music is so much deeper than their appealing voices and sound. The concert was fantastic and uplifting, and we were so glad we attended. We left there feeling joyful and sorry it was over so soon. Still, I’m going to say that having now seen Third Day in person, the lead singer is not hard to look at! (Those dimples!)

In plants: For all the years of little ones running around the house … not to mention the cats … I could never have plants in the front window where they’d enjoy the most sunlight. My plants were always in sad shape, barely thriving. Now with kids grown and cats gone, the front window can finally be a good home to my plants. There resides an African Violet, as well as the Christmas Cactus that my sister gave me last Christmas. It’s almost Easter, and the Christmas Cactus is blooming! So is the Violet! My grandma, the queen of African Violets, would be so proud. Maybe if I get an Easter Lily, it will bloom on the Fourth of July.

In birthdays: A group of us at work have become a sort of informal birthday celebration committee. We make sure there are decorations and goodies on our coworkers’ special days. It was Tom’s birthday this past week. Being the last one to leave the office the day before, I took the responsibility of decorating his cubicle. I went a little overboard, decorating both outside and in, criss-crossing banners and crepe paper across his work space. As employees walked by, they would stop and chuckle. One called me sneaky! Tom was a good sport when he arrived the next morning. He worked all day in the midst of all the decor, even though that meant ducking in and out of his cubicle.


In dog-loving: My former boss, now my boss’ boss, who is also my friend, stopped by this week to share a story about how her daughter rescued a lost puppy last weekend. She didn’t share this, as one might expect, to see if I needed or wanted another pet, but just because she’s a dog-lover. She said that as a dog-lover myself, she knew I’d appreciate the happy ending. (I did. New owner volunteered. Original owner found.) After we returned to our respective responsibilities, my phone buzzed with a text message.


I smiled because I couldn’t have agreed more.

In Mom news: My mom had lots of plans this week. A friend of Mom’s, my niece, and my youngest brother had all made dates to have dinner with Mom, resulting in a “free” week for me. I was grateful as I had a lot of catching up to do at home. And I accomplished much. I finished and mailed invitations for the bridal shower I’m giving for my niece. Jack and I went out to dinner one night. I picked out paint samples to help me decide colors for the main level, (which I’ve been wanting to paint for three years now.) And I bought a dress for my niece’s wedding which takes place in May. (It’s red, with some bling. Chesney says it might be too flashy for a wedding, but we both agreed if I’m happy with it, I should go with it. I’m keeping the tags on for now, just in case I change my mind.)

As of yesterday, I hadn’t seen Mom since last Sunday! I called as I was leaving work because I missed her and wanted to stop by. Before I could tell her so, she said she missed me. She wasn’t used to going so many days without seeing me. She was thrilled when I asked if I could stop by before her dinner date with my brother. I did so, and we made plans to attend the Sunday evening mass at her church. We did that last week. She was happy to have someone to take her to church and I enjoyed the more contemporary music. A win-win!

And how was your week?


10 thoughts on “Third Day, an Easter Cactus, and More

  1. I smiled when I read how your family is pulling together to keep your mom “entertained.” How I wish I had some help on my end with just the same thing! It’s hard when the full burden falls on one “child.”
    And look at your flowers — how pretty they are! My late grandma had LOTS of African violets, and it seemed they were always in bloom. Must have been the sunny porch she kept them on.
    And you just know you made my day with the dog text and your co-worker’s birthday decorations!


  2. Nice randoms, thanks for catching us up! I love your confused plants. I bet Tom loved the birthday decorations.
    Glad your mom’s getting so much nice attention. Since both my parents have passed, my brother says he’s been noticing elderly people who look to be alone, and wondering who looks out for them.
    So true about dogs. Now I’ve gotta go check out some Third Day!


    • I’m happy with the plants. Having thought for so long that I didn’t have a green thumb, I’m thrilled to see them blooming, even if they are doing so out of season.

      I think there are a lot of elderly people who have no one to look out for them. Makes me sad. Someone said recently, something like “we’re not living here. We’re dying.” I guess that’s true. Hard to watch sometimes.

      Hope you enjoy Third Day! They were fun to see live. Lots of humor and personality.


  3. Okay, first of all, you had me at “sexy voice.” Ha. I’m sucker for hot lead singers, Christian or not. I checked them out. Very good … and sexy. 😉 Sounds like a great time.

    Second,I didn’t know you didn’t have your cats anymore.

    Third, I’m so glad that your mom had plans for a few days. It’s so good for them to get out and do something and for you to have breaks from each other in the process. It gives you the space to appreciate one another. My mom is very ill, and she still gets out three days a week with a bunch of elderly ladies to play cards.

    Fourth, I went to my brother’s 50th birthday party last night and got drunk on 2 glasses of sangria. Ha. I don’t drink often, and when I do, I usually only have one. I didn’t get to attend these things when I lived in Florida. It felt good to let loose and see extended family along with old friends (my brother’s) who I haven’t seen in ages.

    Have a great Sunday. Happy spring. The weather is still pretty nice here, and I think it’s going to get even better this week. Not a bad first winter back in Chicago at all. 😀


    • Glad to have introduced you to Third Day, Lori! 🙂

      The cats have been gone for some time. Holly, (our family’s cat) has been gone five or six years now. Tigger (my parents’ cat whom we adopted) has been gone over a year. Loved them, but life without cats is easier. Tigger was MESSY!

      I’m glad Mom had some other plans for a change. It wore her out though, having something going on every night. She just needs to do this on a slightly smaller scale.

      Your mom seems to be handling her health in a very positive way. Good for her. (And I’ll keep her in my prayers.)

      Glad you got to have some fun at your brother’s party! Take it easy on the Sangria, you party animal! 😉 Happy Sunday to you too!

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  4. I loved your list of randoms!! 🙂 See how easy that was? 🙂 I predict a repeat!!

    Glad to hear you had an chance to get out and do something fun (yes, majorly sexy voice, hubba hubba), happy your family is stepping in and helping love your Mom and your plants – wow! I have the same issue, and am hopeful to have some African Violets thrive in the morning sun at the new house.

    Happy Sunday! Happy Spring! Happy Everything!



    • That WAS easy! Thanks for the inspiration!

      Happy Sunday to you as well, MJ. The sun is shining here and it’s shaping up to be a great day. Wishing you the same!


  5. I love the random idea as well! I’ve been so removed from my own blog that when I think about posting something it’s overwhelming, so I don’t write anything. This would be a great way to catch up. 🙂

    I never had luck with violets blooming. Yours are beautiful!

    Hope this coming week is a good one for you. We’re on our way to Florida – wanna come?

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