Weekend with My Girl


Chasing (frozen) waterfalls

Chesney came home this weekend for a short but fun visit.

She’s good at staying in touch with me while we’re apart. She regularly sends me conversational texts and silly picture messages. But it’s not the same as having her here at home. Some face-to-face time with my baby girl is exactly what I needed!

She arrived home Friday evening, just in time to sit down for dinner with my mom and me. Her timing couldn’t have been more perfect. It made Mom very happy to see her granddaughter. With a family that produced so many grandsons, Mom’s got a special place in her heart for her three granddaughters. And she is openly proud of Chesney.

Chesney’s true reason for coming home was that she’d made plans with some girlfriends for Saturday night. They were going downtown to see the World’s Toughest Rodeo. The girls’ true purpose wasn’t to see the rodeo, but to see the Granger Smith concert afterwards. I had no idea who he was, but Chesney showed me a YouTube video and I could see why the girls wanted to see him. He’s young, talented and good-looking.

After all was said and done, Chesney said she had way more fun watching the rodeo than she’d expected, and the concert was just okay. Something about the sound and setup making for a less than impressive concert experience.

During the remaining hours of her visit, Chesney and I got caught up. It was great to be able to just sit back and listen to her stories. Life through her words feels like such an adventure, (although that could be because my life now has such a rigid and not very exciting structure!) There were stories about the joys of living in a college house, and of being sick and having a roommate dote on her until she felt better. There were tales of a weekend trip to a local park with frozen waterfalls, stories about going “out,” and the challenges of working in a retail store in the mall. She’s always got a positive attitude and I just sit and marvel at her ability to march head on into whatever life brings her way.

As we sat in the living room late Friday evening, each curled up in one of the big comfy chairs, she mentioned she might need a “plus one” for my niece’s upcoming wedding in May. It didn’t click with me. I reminded her that her cousin had let it be known that if you aren’t in an established relationship, your wedding invitation won’t include a “plus one.”

“Well how long constitutes an established relationship?” She asked.

Ohhhh… The light bulb went on! So she is seeing someone. They started out as friends last fall and things have been evolving since then. In the last few weeks, they’ve decided they are more than friends. It made me happy to see the way talking about him made her smile. He graduated college last spring and already has a good job. He’s from a farming family and is the youngest of seven! Sounds good to me so far! I don’t know if he’ll be attending the wedding with her, but either way, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this relationship is good for her and continues to go well.

Saturday morning, we went out for some retail therapy. Shopping is always fun with my daughter, and we scored some great end-of-season bargains. She got a cute new pair of boots and I got a sweater I’ve had my eye on for some time, but hadn’t been willing to pay full price. Both ended up being more than half off! I do love me a good bargain!


Jack telling an apparently intriguing story

While Chesney went out with the girls on Saturday night, Jack and I went out for a pre-bowling dinner with a bunch of our league mates, and then proceeded to get our butts kicked on the lanes. Personally, I bowled over average. But our team just couldn’t put it together for a win. Still, we had fun. Our opponents were very social and we spent all three games talking, laughing, and cheering each other on. Some were more talkative than others. We had to keep reminding Jack when it was his turn because he was always wandering off and gabbing with one person or another.

This morning, we all slept in a bit, and then Chesney made us some yummy breakfast burritos before she packed up and headed back for her afternoon shift at her job.

The time goes way too fast when she’s here, but I love every minute of it!


5 thoughts on “Weekend with My Girl

  1. I have found it so interesting how your relationship changes with your children as they become adults. And as you are leaving the stage of what the world perceives as the important, they are entering and taking the major roles. My children remind me that not all families have this kind of closeness so it is a blessed thing when you have it.


  2. Sounds like a fabulous few days! Sometimes when I’m with my daughter, I’m not hearing all her words. Instead I just marvel at her enthusiasm, and her ability to handle everything she has going on her life. She’s such a different person than I was at her age, and I am so proud of her. Sounds like you feel the same way.
    Glad to hear you at least bowled well. There was a time that would have made or broke my night. Your league sounds like it’s fun and relaxed all the way around, though.
    Chesney sounds like she’s in a good place right now. I’ll cross my fingers too that her relationship continue to go well! 🙂


  3. Sounds like a great way to spend the weekend with your favorite daughter. As the kids grow older (or up), they spend more time with their friends and doing their thing and less time at home (much to momma’s chagrin). We do get to see junior occasionally as they come down to Houston for an extended weekend and the holidays. The one thing he does whenever he is down in this part of the world, he will spend time with my parents. It really makes their day when he drops by. A sharp and considerate grandson. Definitely didn’t get those traits from me.

    It is good to see how Chesney has taken the cards that life dealt her and made the best of things. Maybe it is the resilience of youth, but I like how they can take a negative situation and make a positive out of it. Just like you, I hope that this relationship continues to blossom.


  4. Ah, Tee, I love hearing stories of your family — and how wonderful that your daughter came to visit at just the perfect time! Domer and I are close that same way, and I count my blessings for it. I know people who haven’t spoken to their kids in months (or more), and my heart breaks for them. Here’s hoping her new fella turns out to be as right as you both hope!


  5. What a nice weekend for you both! I’ve heard from many a mom who bemoans all the “drama” they get from daughters, so it’s nice to see such a contrast with you two. The “maybe plus one” sounds like a good guy 🙂


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